My very first game!

Hi! I just wanna talk about why I made a game and the future of myself as a game developer. I'm going to make this clear, I'm just doing this as a hobby, I don't want to get a career out of this, I will only do this whenever I have a free time but I will frequently visit this so I can see all of your comments, if there are any, lol. I made a game because my girlfriend is bored (not because of me, btw.) and she likes Plants vs. Zombies so this game is similar to that. I also want to help her financially, so the money that I make off of this game will go to her financial needs. Due to this pandemic, we will need gadgets for our online class but my girlfriend doesn't have a phone, let alone a laptop, and also internet connection. Now for the future of myself as a game developer, for now, I will just keep making games because I like it. I also have plans for my next game but for now, I'll focus on finishing Veliz: Conquer. Stay tuned for more updates!

Edit: Sorry if there are any mistakes on the grammar, and please correct me! English is not my first language.

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